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No 55 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199931

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Children's Art
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Weekend 1
> Wire Sculpture
  In this fun class you will investigate the wild world of wire sculpture and its various construction techniques. You are sure to enjoy the exploration of this challenging medium, resulting in unique works of art in a variety of shapes and sizes!
Weekend 2
> Craft Art
  You will learn about colour, explore unique applications of paint and experiment with painting with your fingers and the creation of three-dimensional objects using cardboard and twine. This process will give us the opportunity to experiment with textures, forms and colour.
Weekend 3
> Shell Craft
  Construct using shells, sand and pebbles into unique functional art pieces as we learn to combine different materials into one piece of art. Let your imagination run wild in this fun-filled class!

Weekend 4
> Batik Art

  Batik is a unique art form to create paintings on cloth utilizing hot melted wax with vibrant permanent dyes. Enjoy the challenge of working with new materials to create unusual, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The results are exciting and experimental.

Side-by Side (Adult/Child Class)

caw3   If you are looking for a way to spend quality, fun time with your child, this class is open to parent/child teams! Our goal is to orient children through an exploratory process. Parents/Caregivers observe their children and gain insight into the benefits of artmaking in early childhood development. Parents are required to pay a separate registration fee.

Children's Art Workshop - Empowering children through creative exploration

Many important skills for a child's future can be cultivated through the study of art. Good art education develops creative thinking, problem solving, cultural awareness, self-expression, imagination and communication skills.   caw4
The experience also provides personal fulfilment, is emotionally therapeutic, inspiring, raises self-esteem, boosts confidence and develops self-motivation. Our workshops place emphasis on exploration and discovery guided by experienced art educators.   caw1

For children who are ready to make the transition into attending a class independently. Our focus is on a process-oriented art experience.
Price: $80 per month per child
Age Level: K2 to Primary 5
Duration: 2hrs for 4 weeks. 10am-12pm
Venue: #01-21, Katong Plaza

Excludes a $20 one-time yearly membership fee which entitles the child to a FREE T-Shirt upon signing and a 10% Discount Card for the purchase of art materials at our Art/Material Supply Shop.


Travel Art Program
Outdoor Sketching/Painting happening at different venues throughout Singapore.
Price: $50 per person per session
Age Level: Adults
Duration: 3.5hrs. Every Fortnight (2 weeks) 10am-12pm
Venue: West Coast Park, Orchid Garden, Sungei Buloh, Sembawang Park
Basic Sketching/Painting classes done outdoors. Includes:
+ Basic materials
+ Support materials (such as easels, foldable seats, umbrellas)
+ Art Appreciation Session

::: Courses For Adults & Children :::
  • Adult Art Courses happening every weekends 2 hours for 4 weeks. 12pm to 2pm
    Price: $120-180 per person (depending on course type). $20 registration fee and annual membership applies. See courses/workshop links
  • The Krafman's Course happening every weekends (Sat/Sun) for 4 weeks. 10am to 12pm
    Price: $800 per person per month. $20 registration fee and annual membership applies.

For registration or more information about pricing, please contact us, SMS enquiries to 98686008 (Mohamad) or email us at


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